Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inside the Bearcats Podcast: 1.17.13 -- Dan Hoard

The Inside the Bearcats Podcast -- now officially on iTunes! -- returns this week as I sit down with the Voice of the Bearcats and GoBearcats blogging colleague, Dan Hoard.

DHphoto.jpgIt has been a while since we sat in the bleachers at Fifth Third Arena in early December and Dan made fun of my less than spectacular setup. Well, he was welcomed into the new, improved New Media Suite/Podcasting Studios (otherwise known as commandeering Tommy G's office space) on Thursday to see how far this feature has risen.

Always great to have Dan on as we chatted about what happened to the uptempo offense, the injuries to Cashmere Wright and Jeremiah Davis III, Marquette, the odd state of the Big East beyond Louisville/Syracuse and what the heck is going on with the struggles at home.

Of course, as always we struggled to stay completely on track. We veered into odd Hollywood couples, how exactly Russell Brand became famous, a statement that may force me to turn in my man card, the Syracuse meal itinerary and Dan's time in college spent playing alto sax in the pep band.

Again, to remind everyone, you can now have this podcast come directly to you on your mobile device, notebook or whatever. Just follow this link and click the button to open the podcast in your iTunes account and subscribe. From that point forward, as soon as I post a new pod it will pop directly into your iTunes account and be waiting on you.

If anybody has any problems with it or just wants to send in reaction to what we talked about, shoot me an email to or hit me up on Twitter at @pauldehnerjr. Enjoy everybody.

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